1000rs budget shopping 

Commercial Street is one of the busiest shopping street in Bangalore .One can find clothes, accessories,footwear ,foodjoints etc.   

 So this time the post is about budget shopping about the items I found within 1000bucks.                                                           Here is the list :                                                  Footwear -350                                                    Dupatta – 200                                                      Shade -100                                                          Chain-200                                                            Tassel earrings-150                                   

I like the footwear it’s smooth and comfortable to walk ,no shoe bite at all.It goes well with all the clothes  jeans , salwar .

Dupatta is colorful and vibrant it can basically paired with any color plain kurtha like black,white ,navy blue,pink kurtha.

Shade sometimes it’s nice to have a funky shades though it’s just 100,even if I loose it I won’t feel bad as I feel when I loose branded one’s.Fancy shades like this will help as accessory for a look . you get good picture for yourself with shades for just 100 rs.

Chain is simple one which can be paired with t-shirts ,shirts .

Tassel earrings are something you find everywhere now.Its a trendy earring.In commercial there are many varieties of tassel with different color and different patterns.

So here is the complete look :

You can buy even more stuff within 1000 if you are really good at bargaining.So this is my 1000rs budget shopping in commercial Street .Hope you guys liked it .😃


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