Experiments with Jackets

I have  plain slip dress from a brand – all about you .It’s a strap dress so if any of you have same dress like a strap one’s .you can wear it with different style with different jacket ,crop tops .

As a girl we always wonder that we don’t have enough clothes ..but clothes like this you can use it different ways , different styles .so here’s how I used my one dress in three different style .

Firstly my dress is black .I tried this crop top on it ,and it looks super cute .

Next I tried with white mesh shrug so white obviously go well with black .

Thirdly I chose denim jacket to wear it with and a  sling come backpack and heels from inc5 . Matching sling and a heels worked out for this look .

One dress that can be worn in different style , experimenting with different jacket .

More than heels I would prefer sneakers for these looks .. because sneakers are always comfortable to walk in …so you can pair up with sneakers too …😃


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