Keep it simple, Keep it stylish.

“keep it stylish ,keep it simple” as a name suggest this post let you guys know about the three simply ways I used my slip dress to wear as casual outing dress ,maybe for a lunch,shopping ,watch a movie,cafe.Its a very easy look anyone can try it out and have little experiment with the clothes they have rather than buying new for different occasions.To get this look all you need is strap dress,t shirt&shirt .

Basic colors like black is an added foredeal in this post .Black is the one color that goes well with all types of colors .You can any day mix match black with any color.I would prefer a sneakers or shoes that will go well with the outfit. Every girls wardrobe will have basic tees and shirts ,so all you have to do is just invest once on a strap dress and can be worn in so many different ways as mentioned in my older blog :”experiments with jacket” you can go with jackets,crop tops and also the way I am posting today .

so here goes the First look:

so the first look is a combination of boxy dress underneath a dress.

Second look:


Third look :


you can also wear it under your normal tees white,red,green,maroon any plain tees.Looks cool!!

Hope you enjoyed reading 🙂


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