Polka Dots Season

Polka dots it’s a timeless classic pattern that is in fashion and going to stay forever.This is one pattern that almost everyone had ,its also a simple pattern I would love to wear .when i was shopping i did feel like buying all polka dots available,also i didn’t want to buy regular black and white combination like most of them have,so i did give a try to different one.It’s a high-rise trousers with fabric belt .As its a high rise you can pair it with any top that’s body fit .

Coming to my second purchase I didn’t have the idea of buying flats that’s polka dots .i came across this pair while i was surfing through shopping site ,i liked it the moment i saw it.Its an unexpected buy but worth a shot ,no regret.very comfortable flat from Dressberry.


Flats : dressberry.
These pair of flats are worth a buy for the price .

If you wish to ask anything else,do mention it in the comments below.Hope you enjoyed reading 🙂



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